Kitchen floors: How to choose the right one

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The kitchen is a very important place in every home. A kitchen can be the soul of the house, the corner in which we meet to cook or to eat, especially if we have a bar or tables. A stay that will have enough life throughout the day. For this reason, the choice of soil It is a very important aspect. In today’s article we tell you a little about the different options for kitchen floors.

Kitchen floors: How to choose the right one

Porcelain tile, a great classic

Porcelain tile is still the star floor in kitchens. Its low porosity makes it fully recommended in the wet areas of the house, such as the bathroom or kitchen. In addition, this type of coating has the particularity that its color or appearance is not deteriorated with the passage of time.

The resistance and durability of this floor, joins the diversity in terms of colors, designs and textures is concerned. You’ll find porcelain pavements of infinite colors and shapes, even some that imitate natural materials such as wood. There are also porcelain tiles that imitate granite, cement, marble or slate. The beauty of this type of materials, added to the advantages and easy maintenance of the floors, is what makes them one of the favorites.

Kitchen floors: How to choose the right one

Hydraulic stoneware

Without a doubt it is one of the current trends. The hydraulic floor is a tile made of pigmented cement and pressed in a hydraulic press. Its origin dates back to the 19th century. They were very heavy slabs and with a great thickness. As we mentioned earlier, porcelain flooring is capable of imitating almost everything, and hydraulic tiles They are not the exception. Currently you can find models of hydraulic stoneware that perfectly imitate these tiles.

It is a type of floor that can be placed anywhere in the house. It has a low porosity, so the kitchen could be a great place to put it. In addition, the best of all is that the design limit is set by your own imagination. Mosaics, small pieces, larger pieces or hexagonal tiles. Repeat patterns with different colors and designs or embark on one of those environments with Arabic touches. Choose retro motifs or geometric shapes. The hydraulic floor is anything but boring.

Kitchen floors: How to choose the right one

Kitchen floors: How to choose the right one

Porcelain tile that imitates wood

It is true that many choose to place the same floor throughout the house. Wood is still one of the most desired options. However, in places like the kitchen or the bathroom it is not advisable to place natural wood. Well, there are also porcelain tiles that imitate wood, and with a lot of realism, by the way.

Soil imitation wood porcelain, also called ceramic parquet, has a low porosity, unlike wood. In addition we find anti-slip designs. Perhaps one of the main characteristics is that it has a very simple maintenance, like a normal tile.

In addition, there is also a wide variety of colors. You can choose models based on walnut, oak or even chestnut. You could also find models with more exotic woods.

Kitchen floors: How to choose the right one

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