How to use the color wheel in decoration

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When decorating a home, either on its walls or with furniture and accessories, the color palettes They are very important. We may have doubts about what colors to use, it is normal. However, there are some interesting resources that can help us, such as the circle of colors, something you’ve ever heard about, even at school. In today’s article we will teach you how to use the chromatic circle in decoration.

How to use the color wheel in decoration

If we learn to use the chromatic circle, we will know which colors combine and which do not. This will allow us Save time and money on decoration. It’s that simple. A way to know exactly how to paint our walls and what percentage of color to use in the rest of the accessories.

What is the color circle

The chromatic circle, or wheel colors, is the organization of colors divided into three categories:

  • Primary colors.
  • Secondary colours.
  • Tertiary colors.

It comprises a total of 12 colors, so it is also known as 12 color chromatic circle. As you can see, they are more than enough to decorate our home.

The primary colors They are red, yellow and blue. All other colors are created from these three, for this reason they are called primary. Among the primary colors we find located, in the chromatic disk, to the secondary colors: orange, green and violet. The same, as we have said, are created from the primary ones.

Finally we have the Tertiary colors, which are created by mixing a primary color with a contiguous secondary color, always looking at the circle of colors.

How to use the color wheel in decoration

Is color wheel It is very useful as long as we know how to use it. Before starting, for example, we will have to be clear that the blue, green and purple tones are the cold colors, and transmit more calm than oranges, yellows, browns, reds or pinks, which are the so-called warm colors and transmit other types of emotions. Thus, depending on the stay, as well as our own personality or taste, we will use one or the other.

Schemes of colors in decoration

When studying the colors and their application in the decoration, in this case, the color theory (see more) talks about the color schemes, which are harmonic combinations inspired by the chromatic circle.

Monochromatic color scheme

One of the most used in decoration is the monochromatic color scheme. It is not necessary to always talk about the combination of different colors; and is that betting on a single color with a tone on tone can give very elegant and sophisticated results. You can look for a color that you like a lot and then play to mix it with different tones, from the lightest to the darkest, both in walls and in decoration accessories.

How to use the color wheel in decoration

How to use the color wheel in decoration

Analog color scheme

The combination of analogous colors to decorate It is very simple but quite interesting. Follow the simplicity of monochromatic decoration, but giving it a plus. It is about forming a successful combination by associating two or three contiguous colors of the chromatic circle. The best way to do it is with the well-known 60-30-10 rule, a color trick very interesting that we talked about a while ago. What it says color ruler is, basically, that the dominant tone should occupy 60%, the secondary tone 30% and the accent color 10%.

How to use the color wheel in decoration

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