How to light the room

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It is nothing new that the living room is one of the most important rooms in a house. It does not matter if it’s big houses or small apartments, decorating the room is usually a priority for most families, because they spend many hours there, they share talks, cafes, TV is often watched in family, and many other things. This time we will talk about the importance of lighting in salons, a point that can make a difference in terms of decoration and functionality. If you are wondering how to light the room, we invite you to read the following lines.

How to light the room

There are houses where the living room is a room completely separate from the rest, but nowadays, having smaller and smaller houses, it is normal to find integrated living rooms, often with the dining room, and in other cases with the kitchen as well. The truth is that we should not think about the lounge lighting just as one more detail. The light we need to watch TV is not the same as we would need to have a coffee with guests, for example. The living room lamps They can be our allies. Nor is it the same light we need to eat (in the case of the living rooms integrated with the dining room). The interior lighting It does not only do the decoration, but also the functionality.

Various sources of light to illuminate the room

When lighting the room it would be good to ask ourselves what we do in it. As we said before, today it is common to find multifunctional rooms, and with more reason we must think of several sources of light to illuminate each corner differently and according to our needs. To begin with, it is essential to have general light. It is important to clarify that the General lighting for the living room It can be made up of several different light sources, but with the same objective, to illuminate the whole room in a uniform way.

How to light the room

Once we have defined the general light, it is time to think about the ambient light, which we will achieve with different lamps, which will also allow us to play with the decoration. The ambient lighting will help us create different scenes, we can have a couple of lamps in the area of ​​the sofa, another in the hall, and others in some corners. Ideally, they should be warm and adjustable lights.

And once we have general and environmental lighting, we can highlight certain objects with spot light. For example, we can highlight a painting, a vase in the hall, a library, or whatever we think appropriate.

Lighting for the zone of zofá

One of the most important corners of a living room is the sofa area. The important thing to keep in mind in this area is that the ideal is that the lighting is indirect and soft, because the idea is to generate that favorable environment to watch TV or share a chat with friends. We always have general light, but at the time of relaxation, the ideal is to have ambient light, as we talked before. Floor lamps are an excellent option to place next to the sofa. Another option is the table lamps, ideal to place on auxiliary tables. Here we can play with the styles. If we decide to have more than one lamp, it is not necessary that they be the same or the same style, they may look much better if they are completely different.

How to light the room

Light in the dining area

For the rooms integrated with the dining room, we have to think about how to illuminate that area. In addition to the general light it is always good to have some other source of light on the table. We love the ceiling lamps. Ideally, hang up and reach the center of the table. When it comes to very long tables it is likely that we need 2 or more hanging lamps.

How to light the room

How to light the room: switched switches

It is very interesting to be able to control the lighting of the room from different sectors of it. It does not matter if it is small rooms or large dining rooms. With the switched switches we can turn on and off the same light from different switches, which makes it more practical. Therefore it is very important to plan lighting.

How to light the room

We hope these tips come in handy. You know, if you’re thinking about how to light the room, we recommend you not take it lightly and plan it. If you liked the article we would love to share it on your social networks. Thanks for following us!

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