How to get a cozy bedroom

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We all know that the bedroom It is one of the most important rooms in the house. In it we rest, something that is essential to be able to make a normal life. Yes, sleep is essential for aspects such as memory, the maintenance of neural circuits or even learning. Thus, at each age a specific rest time is established, from 10 or 11 hours for a baby to 4 or 6 hours for an elderly person. Would you like to know how to get a cozy bedroom?

How to get a cozy bedroom

We are aware that this room is the space to relax and rest, now, is our bedroom the best place to rest? Look at the following keys and make your room a 100% cozy place.

The importance of a good mattress

We can not deny that one of the most important aspects, even before the decoris the choice of mattress. Without a good mattress, it will be difficult to get a good rest. It is, therefore, the most important element of a bedroom.

How to get a cozy bedroom

If you pretend save on the bedroom decoration, we recommend you do not skimp on expenses at the time of buy a mattress. Some are satisfied with only having a mattress to lie on, but the truth is that quality is crucial. Does this mean that it is not possible to find good mattresses at a good price? Of course not. There is mattresses of very good quality at a very reasonable price. For this reason it is good to find specialists, as is the case Mattress Morfeo, the best mattress to sleep, where we find great variety, good prices, discounts and, best of all, advice.

How to get a cozy bedroom

We consult Mattress Morfeo, specialists in rest, about the characteristics that a good mattress should have:

  • Absorb perspiration correctly.
  • Avoid heat dispersion.
  • Hold the body in a correct way so that the surface adapts to the anatomy of our spine.
  • Be hygienic

Feng Shui in the bedroom

Since we are talking about the mattress, another recommendation is to look at the Feng Shui. Recall that, broadly speaking, is a discipline that seeks to improve the environment, interior design, architecture and, in general, the places where man passes. It is therefore fixed in aspects such as the flow of energy.

How to get a cozy bedroom

Feng Shui in the bedroom it’s importantvery, very, the bed plays an essential role. Among so many recommendations that this oriental discipline does, the placement of the bed will greatly influence the rest. Thus, the headboard should be supported on a firm wall, where possible without windows or mirrors. Beware of this, because according to Feng Shui, two opposing mirrors could create a current of negative energy.

How to get a cozy bedroom

On the other hand, if you put the bed facing north, you will have a deep sleep in the physical. If it is oriented towards the south, a more spiritual dream. In the case that it is oriented to the east, it will help to wake up sooner and clearer. Likewise, to the west it will make us sleep better reconciled.

How to get a cozy bedroom: the importance of colors

The color psychology It can also help us a lot to get a cozy bedroom. The trends are on our side; and we know that white is one of the most used colors in any room, and bedrooms are no exception. It increases the sense of spaciousness, but also the luminosity. If a well lit bedroom It will make it, even when it is night, much warmer. In addition, you can contrast this white with textiles and natural fibers.

How to get a cozy bedroom

As for colors, blue is the one that most benefits our rest. It is proven that people who sleep in a blue bedroom rest better. It is a color that is associated with tranquility, with the sea and also with the sky. The psychology of color ensures that blue is able to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, among other benefits.

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