How to eliminate humidity at home

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The accumulation of humidity in the home It can be a big problem not only aesthetic but also can cause health disorders, especially to people with allergies or respiratory problems. Your house can become an insane and uncomfortable place. Would you like to know how to eliminate humidity at home?

How to eliminate humidity at home

When the first signs appear, you have to fight it in time to avoid odors, mold stains on walls, mites, deterioration of furniture, etc … There are solutions for eliminate humidity at home and its consequences. Take note and enjoy dry and clean environments!

Why is there humidity at home?

Certain climatic conditions with high levels of humidity and poor ventilation can cause your house to become an unhealthy space. The moisture problems at home they are usually most frequent in the coldest and rainiest months of the year.

How to eliminate humidity at home

Humidity is present in all homes in one way or another. In fact it is normal that Generate 10 to 15 liters of water daily. And is that when cooking, washing, showering, all that moisture evaporates and is present in the environment. There is no need to worry if it is within acceptable levels. The problem lies when there excess moisture at home.

Locate the cause of excess moisture

If your house has a lot of humidity you must find the cause and fight it. There may be Water leaks They are not visible, but they can also appear on walls, ceilings and corners. If we do not solve it in time, this can bring more complex future problems.

How to eliminate humidity at home

Ventilation to avoid humidity at home

One of the main recommendations for solve moisture problems at home is to ventilate it well. Open the windows of your house for 10 minutes both in winter and in summer. It is advisable to ventilate it also after cleaning, especially when using products such as bleach.

When opening the windows enter air currents that prevent moisture from accumulating at home. In the autumn and winter months he tries to ventilate the house in the hours of sun to take advantage of its heat.

The ideal is decrease the accumulation of moisture at home. How to do it? After cooking or showering open the windows. The ideal for these cases are the kitchen hoods, as far as possible those that have extractor to the outside. It is also advisable to cover the pots when the water boils, among other things …

How to eliminate humidity at home

Install an air extractor in your bathroom

One of the rooms of the house where more humidity is generated is in the bathroom. Every time you shower a part of water evaporates, becoming moisture. If you place a air extractor you will prevent it from accumulating. The truth is that the modern bathrooms they foresee this and, when they do not have any windows, they usually install an extractor.

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