Decorative toys by IKEA and Maison du Monde

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Today we come with something very special. If you have children at home you will already know how important it is that they have their own game’s zone. And if you are also a lover of decor, sure you know houses like IKEA Y Maison du Monde, in which in addition to a lot of children’s furniture, we will find infinity of toys. On this occasion we will focus on the decorative toys

Decorative toys by IKEA and Maison du Monde

Yes, there is no doubt that toys serve, precisely, to play. But in this case we will show you a list of decorative toys from IKEA and Maison du Monde, two brands that we love and that can help us achieve a decorative plus more than interesting.

Classic decorative toys: rocker EKORRE

IKEA He has many things that we love. Many pieces of furniture that look good enough and that are cheap. But also, IKEA has toys of those that have a traditional aspect. Those wooden toys of a lifetime like the Alce Balancín, its precious EKORRE. We can not deny that in any room can provide a touch a bit vintage.

Decorative toys by IKEA and Maison du Monde

CIRKUSTÄLT, a store for children

It is important create a space reserved for the game inside the children’s room. Sometimes, due to space issues, it becomes complicated. Fortunately, we found interesting solutions like this circus tent, the CIRKUSTÄLT from IKEA. A very colorful store that will attract children’s attention quickly, and that also fits very well in any children’s space.

Decorative toys by IKEA and Maison du Monde

MALA, a complement for artists

Fostering art in children is paramount. Nothing better than offering the children a special place to draw. That’s why we loved the IKEA BAD, since it not only allows children to let their imagination fly without using the walls, it is also an element of the most aesthetic to include in the Children’s room.

Decorative toys by IKEA and Maison du Monde

FLISAT, the doll house bookshelf

The wooden doll houses They are so pretty that any child will want to play with them instantly. Also, if these houses become shelves, the children will be able to have all their toys sorted in it. So is FLISAT, the dollhouse bookshelf IKEA.

Decorative toys by IKEA and Maison du Monde

Tropicool Flemish Puff

We love the Tropicool puff flamenco from Maison du Monde. It is the typical complement that gets us a smile. Yes, it is a seat, but by having this design, you can become a toy for children. In addition, we can not deny that its pink color is really interesting for any children’s room.

Decorative toys by IKEA and Maison du Monde

The tipi COLORADO of Maison du Monde

We could not finish this list of toys that decorate without talking about one of those tipis that are driving us crazy. They are already part of the absolute must of all Instagram accounts decoration for children; and they are really cute. Specifically, we like the COLORADO by Maison du Monde. A infantile tipi which is easily mounted, simply by sliding the 4 wooden sticks in the tent and joining them up by a rope.

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