6 Vintage locks, the classic touch your home needs

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When decorating our home, it is vintage style that gives life to the trend framed between the 20’s and 80’s, is an interesting option. Furniture and vintage objects take us back to the past, and that’s something we love. Among them, we can not lose sight of the locks vintage, that print that classic touch with aesthetic value.

6 Vintage locks, the classic touch your home needs

The most interesting thing about vintage objects is that they have their own history because they belong to the past. So, imagine what the doors of your house would look like if you integrated locks vintage in shades of gold or bronze. Undoubtedly, you will create an environment that will stand out for its style and good taste, at the same time that they fulfill the function for which they were created, give us home security.

Why choose vintage locks?

Reasons there are many and range from the recommendations of specialists in interior decoration, until the own taste by the objects of the past. Regardless of what are the reasons that drive you to to choose this stylepay attention to benefits that a vintage lock can you provide:

6 Vintage locks, the classic touch your home needs

Vintage locks are more durable

Among the reasons that drive us to choose vintange locks, we must contemplate its durability. In most cases they are usually wrought iron or other high-strength materials. We can find handmade vintage locks as well as industrial or series manufactured locks. In any case, with good maintenance they can last several more decades and pass from generation to generation.

6 Vintage locks, the classic touch your home needs

Combine with wooden doors

To combine wooden doors with vintage locks generates a timeless space. And let’s be honest, who does not like the elegance What is the classic touch? These locks will make the door of your house a point of reference. Now, no matter the color of the wood, the most interesting thing is to enjoy the contrast between these two materials, wood and metal.

Variety of models

On the Internet you can find different vintage locks models, each with its history. There are more specific web pages where you will find its year of manufacture, brand and even who owned it. While in other places they offer them to the public without providing many details. The fact is that each model is unique. These locks are able to combine perfectly with other decorative styles.

6 Vintage locks, the classic touch your home needs

6 Vintage locks, the classic touch your home needs

Rescue the best of the past

The best thing about vintage locks is that they rescue the beauty of a past time to adapt it to the present. They become the protagonists of doors, furniture, cabinets and any space where you want to install them. Many of these antique furniture. with only a small restoration and some arrangements, and adding an old lock, will become the ideal option to decorate.

6 Vintage locks, the classic touch your home needs

The charm of vintage keys

What good is the vintage lock without a key of the time? There are many people who choose this type of locks because they are accompanied by a key with unique design. Even with very striking shapes, in various sizes and materials. The truth is that there is something for everyone. Each key carries with it a mysterious romantic touch that speaks of the past, where the dedication of the manufacturer is evident.

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