5 Indoor plants to decorate the home

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Indoor plants have great power over our mood and our health. Until a while ago they were not given much attention, but now we have realized all their benefits, besides creating an atmosphere full of life and color spaces. In today’s article we will give you some ideas to decorate your home with inside plants.

5 Indoor plants to decorate the home

Are you tired of the plants dying? Surely you have not chosen the most appropriate for your home. Natural light is necessary for them, that’s why you have to think carefully where you are going to place them and know very well what care they need.

What are the benefits of indoor plants?

You have to know that when you acquire a plant you will gain in quality of life, which will transmit a series of benefits:

  • They purify the air and help clean toxic substances from the air.
  • They provide oxygen and humidify spaces.
  • They improve the mood and therefore generate well-being.
  • In small rooms, they attenuate noise.
  • Its green color have relaxing effects.
  • The environments win in aesthetics.
  • Placing between 3 and 5 plants per room gets oxygen, refresh and relax the view.

5 Indoor plants to decorate the home

Which indoor plant to choose?

The ideal is always to advise when buying or buying plants. Everything will depend on the experience we have in the care of plants, as well as the time that we have available to dedicate them. There are many species of plants for interiors, but next we will show you which are the most demanded.


The maidenhair is a small fern that is composed of small round leaves. It is native to the American tropics. It is very popular thanks to the freshness that it gives off and it is suitable to place it in bathrooms that have natural light.

For its maintenance it is necessary that it be close to natural but moderate light, which is neither too direct nor too dim. It is advisable to spray it with water often so that the soil stays moist.

5 Indoor plants to decorate the home

5 Indoor plants to decorate the home

Ficus lyrata

It is one of the indoor plants par excellence. It needs a lot of light but it does not affect directly. In the summer months irrigation should be abundant, while in winter less frequent. It incorporates liquid fertilizer to the water approximately every 2 weeks so that the leaves maintain their particular brightness.

5 Indoor plants to decorate the home

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